Family heirlooms, thrift store finds, hand me downs of all kinds; they can add so much personality to a home and often times are cherished pieces of memorabilia. Often times the size and shape are exactly what’s needed but they may need a bit of sprucing up. Candy uses her decorative painting background to reimagine furniture, lighting fixtures, and accessories. They enhance your authentic design aesthetic and often become the most talked about ornament in the room.


Our client's pulled these lamp's out of their parent's basement to repurpose.

This kitchen island was found at an antique store and was dining table height. We had a trusted furniture craftsman raise it to island height, redesigned the apron with his guidance, had the bark removed and Candy painted a distressed finish. The finish hides the various woods used in the transformation and adds character to this colorful, country kitchen. It's now the most talked about piece in the home!

This sweet little sideboard is our client's favorite piece of furniture, passed down from her parents. She remembers sitting at it as a child when the dining table was filled with adults. I repurposed it in the DR was a rolling bar cart. 

Our client loved this fireplace surround, had used it in a previous home but couldn't use it in her current home. When we helped her realize a space in her lower level as an air b&b I used it to add instant charm. Wood slices in various sizes are placed around a 'Welcome' sign.

This Armoire was in storage and previously used as TV cabinet now its used in master bedroom.

This was our client's bed in his bachelor pad. When we were outfitting their air b&b I encouraged them to let me know what they had kicking around. They were surprised when I said I wanted to use this and their bedside table. I did a quick distressed finish to both and the end results are relaxed and welcoming. The more wear and tear on this finish the better!