People are discovering that health, well-being, and abundance skyrocket when a home has had a space clearing. When I enter a space, I experience it with all my senses. This leads to an understanding that interior design is so much more than beautiful fabrics, textures and patterns. The energy in a room lends itself to how I and anyone else who enters it feels.

In Ancient times, space clearing was a sacred art. People performed annual spring and fall clearings along with their cleaning, honoring the beginning of a new phase. Some people follow the cycles of the moon but you can perform a space clearing at any time.  Times that are always appropriate and necessary to clear a space are:

1.) If you’re moving into a new home. You want your own energy in the home. You don’t want to pick up on any residual energy from the previous owners. 

2.) After a divorce or break up. This is a new chapter of your life. Having your energy and yours alone, or any one currently living in the space, is important.

3.) After any misfortune; sickness, arguments, financial difficulty, etc. Clearing the energy and filling in with your intentions for your next steps is very important for powerful, positive shifts to occur. 

I’ve found energetic space clearings to be significant to homes and businesses for clearing energies that aren’t supporting the highest good of my clients, their businesses and all involved, for helping them to be solidly on their path based on 

their intentions and for maintaining a high vibration to support their goals and dreams on their journey. 

Elemental space clearings form a beautiful foundation for home design and for the designer/client relationship. I’m honored to share in the trust and harmony that is instilled in the ceremony of space clearing and evolves into home design.